LOCAL 1817

Meeting Agenda 9/14/2021


  • Attendance: Allen, Anders, Gordon, Clooney, Kassab, Cohee, Clelland, Swillinger, Kennedy, Simonson, Tuers, Kerley, Ede, Linville, Backus, Cummings, Downing, Tomasello, Jeffs, Lockwood, Mattson, Nichols, Stewart



  • Meeting Call to Order:

17:57 – Anders



  • Treasure Report:


Emailed to everyone,

Total Deposit accounts = $90,638.93

Flowers and gifts line items is over because that is where the retirement checks came from. If you have questions contact Kerley



  • Old Business:




  • New Business:

-Vaccine Mandate Q & A.


Q&A questions about Mandate (Collected and presented by Merril)


-During the board of directors meeting, the audience is given 5 minutes to speak or give insight about happenings or what they are feeling. Your opinion would be as an individual not a representation of the local.




  • Good to the order:


Calhoun sent a thank you card for his gift from the union


Website registration we have 50 users currently all have been approved as of this meeting, contact Miller if you have any problems logging on.


If you have not been receiving emails from the union check your junk mail and if there is none there reach out to us.


Stickers have been ordered this week, I will let you know when they come in and reach out to get your slaps.



  • Meeting Adjourned: